7 Impactful Marketing Activities For Successful Entrepreneurs

How to promote your business for impact & income — yes, even if you don’t feel comfortable marketing yourself

Eileen Ystheim
29 min readJun 8, 2022


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Are you struggling with finding marketing activities that work for your business? Even though marketing yourself is an everyday activity as an entrepreneur, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

Instead of hitting up your followers with daily promotions, focus instead on relationship marketing, or building trusting relationships with your audience. Take an interest in them and their struggles. Create products or programs that speak to those struggles and that help relieve those problems.

Show compassion and empathy for your audience and they will come to view you as a real person who cares instead of a no-face business corporation that only cares about making money.

Before we get started, let’s quickly review some general marketing principles for entrepreneurs:

1. Become a trusted resource to your audience. Providing lots of free content is how you’ll grab your followers’ attention and build that trust. Lending support and giving advice on social media and/or in social groups will also showcase your expertise. As you develop this trust, the next logical step is to market your paid products.

2. Add something new to your business consistently. Always think about delivering quality content that will help your followers solve a problem. Think ahead and hire a dream team of independent contractors who can turn your content dreams into a reality. New content — either free or paid — lends itself to easy promotions and will likely attract new people to your business.

3. Define how you stand out from the competition. Why should your followers buy from you instead of your competitor? It sounds like a simple question but it often stumps business owners. Knowing your Unique Selling Proposition allows you to create marketing promos that highlight this difference.

4. Focus on the end result instead of your product’s features. Do your customers really care about all the bells and whistles your product has? No, they most likely only care about the end result your product…



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